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The region of Argolida exist since the 8th millenium B. C. and her development begins from 1600 B. C. with the appearance of Mikines civilization. At 13th century B. C. the Achaic civilization from Argolida expanded in all Mediterranean, the then known world. With the end of Peloponnesian war, Argolida who was a member of the Achaic Simpolitia, was conquered by Rome and finally became department of the Byzantine empire. New conquerors came later, Enetoi, Fragoi and Turks (1460), who kept the region up to the Revolution 1821, with the exception of Nafplio, that was captured in 1540. During the Revolution 1821 certain of the bigger martial enterprises took place here. Nafplio existed provisional seat of revolutionary government and capital of newly established Greek state (1828) up to 1834 that was transported in Athina.

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