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Buses on the Argolida to Athina route will stop at Metro station ‘Eleonas’ before its journey at Kifissos central bus station (excluding days that Metro is not operating).

From station ‘Eleonas’ you can board, on Metro line 3 to Egaleo – Pirea, metro station ‘Dimotiko theatro Pirea’, or to Holargos and to the Airport: make sure the train says “Airport” on the passenger display as not all trains go that far. On the same line (3) with direction to Holargos, after two stops, i.e. ‘Monastiraki’, you can board on line 1 of the ‘Ilektrikos’ (ISAP) with direction to Pireas or Kifissia. On the next stop ‘Sintagma’, you can board on Metro line 2 with direction to Helliniko or Anthoupoli and to TRAM trains heading to Faliro (SEF), Pireas, Helliniko, Glifada and Voula. ( Metro_brochure.pdf )

From the METRO station ‘Eleonas’ the bus line “052” takes you directly to the Kifissos Central Bus Station.


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