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Terms of ticket use


  1. Only passengers who present a valid ticket are entitled to transportation.

Please check the date, the time and price when purchasing your ticket

  1. The ticket is a valuable item and therefore the passenger is responsible for its safekeeping and careful handping. A ticket that has been altered or modified in any way and if the modification was not made by our Company’s employees, is not valid. A ticket that has been destroyed, either partially or completely, or a ticket that does not contain the necessary updates is not valid. In the event that the ticket is lost, it cannot be reissued.
  2. The ticket can only be used for the route stated on it, which includes the place and time of departure and the destination. The fare paid corresponds to the transportation explicitly stated on the ticket.
  3. Passengers are obliged to carry the ticket with them during the journey and to show it to the driver or the inspector whenever requested to do so.
  4. When a ticket is purchased with a discount, passengers are required to have with them the proof of the discount, such as a student card (valid only for students of Greek universities), etc. and to present it whenever requested. If they do not have the appropriate proof of the discount with them, they must pay the remaining amount of the difference between the value of the full ticket and the purchased ticket.
  5. When purchasing a ticket with an open return date, you are required, prior to departure, to visit our website “www.ktelargolida.gr” and specify the date and time of your return trip or visit the ticket office to validate the ticket.

To travel, the ticket must indicate the date and time of the scheduled trip.

The round-trip ticket can only be used by the person whose name is stated on the ticket.

The passenger must be at the departure point at fifteen minutes (15mn) before the departure time.

After the bus departs, the ticket is invalidated.

Cancellation or Ticket Change Polic

If a passenger cancels their ticket on an intercity route at least eight(8) hours before departure, they are entitled to a refund of 70% of the ticket price. If the reservation is cancelled within eight(8) hours of departure, the passenger is entitled to a refund of 50% of the ticket price.

Round-trip tickets cannot be cancelled once they have been used for departure.

The ticket can be modified regarding the time and date of the route or transferred to other persons, with the corresponding refund for transfers of regular tickets to persons entitled to redused price tickets for the return of the corresponding money or vice versa. In the case that the return ticket has been used for departure, it is not transferable.

In any case of ticket modification (cancellation of the ticket, change of passenger, change of time or date of the route), it must be carried out either through the platform of the electronic ticket or by a competent employee of KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A..

Telephone changes to the ticket are not possible

Minors as passengers

Transportation of children under six (6) years of age without an accompanying person is prohibited. The accompanying person is responsible for the safe transportation of the child and occupies a seat, with the child, behind another seat.

Transportation of animals

The transportation of animals is allowed on specific routes and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Baggage transportation

Each passenger is allowed to travel with up to two (2) pieces of baggage free of charge, but at their own risk.

Our Company’s employees including the ticket agent, baggage handler, driver and inspector, are unable to identify the owners of the baggage. They bear no responsibility in case the baggage is picked up by the wrong person or lost.

For lost items (personal belongings, baggage etc.) during boarding, throughout the bus trip and during disembarkation, the local police authorities are responsible. In such a case, in cooperation with our employees, you shoold immediately inform the Police.

To avoid any inconvenience due to lost luggage, please write your information on your luggage or have distinctive marks on it that make it easy and certain to identify. You can obtain special tags from our agents, write your information on them and attach them to the handles of your luggage.

When your luggage contains fragile items or is of particularly high value, please inform the responsible staff for placing such luggage in a special area on the bus.

Transportation of flammable and explosive materials is prohibited.

Compensation Case

KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. undertakes the obligation to make every possible effort for the correct execution of the itineraries. The itineraries presented on this website may change without any warning and cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions, strikes and many other factors that may affect the operation. KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. is not responsible for any resulting or other consequences arising from the above information, even in cases where it has been duly informerd of such a possibility. In such a case, the passenger has the option to use their ticket for the canceled itinerary on the next available itineraries that the Company’s staff will indicate to them.

KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. is obliged to compensate consumers for the following cases:

For loss of luggage, for which the transport company is liable, the minimum compensation amount is 30€.

For loss of unaccompanied small items, the minimum compensation amount is  15€.

For failure to pick up a passenger by the transport company from the origin or predetermined stop, the passenger is entitled to receive an amount equal to triple the value of the ticket.

Secure Transactions

Credit card transactions are conducted electronically in real time between the Buyer and owner of the card by Alpha Bank, which handles the transaction for KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. based on a contract kept by two sides.

In the whole process of the transaction, KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. has no involvement, nor ever gets any information relating to the credit cards. KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. just consents to the bank on the transaction value and only.

In the case that the buyer making the transaction is not the same person as the cardholder, KTEL ARGOLIDAS S. A. assumes no responsibility, nor is obliged to issue a refund.

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